Terri now in Roseburg; Kaine says 3rd party involved

Terri now in Roseburg; Kaine says 3rd party involved »Play Video
Terri Horman leaves her parents' house in Roseburg Saturday, July 17, 2010.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - The father of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman says he believes a third party was involved along with his estranged wife in the disappearance of the child six weeks ago; meanwhile, Terri Horman has returned to her hometown of Roseburg.

In e-mail answers to questions Friday from Portland reporters, Kaine Horman gave no basis for his belief other than "briefings."

The comments were the latest suggestions he's offered about what might have happened to Kyron, who vanished June 4.

Since then, Kaine Horman has filed for divorce from Terri, the boy's stepmother.

She moved out of their house in Portland on Friday and has moved to Roseburg in Southern Oregon, where she attended high school and her parents live.

KATU News reporter Thom Jensen spotted her pulling out of her parents’ garage with her father, Larry Moulton, as a passenger Saturday just before 9 a.m. in her parents’ car. He attempted to ask her questions but she did not stop.

Earlier in the morning Terri’s father appeared to load women’s clothing into the trunk of the car. He declined to talk as well but warned reporters to stay off the property.

Some of his neighbors wouldn’t talk either. One woman said, “We don’t want any part of it.”

Those who did talk said they are concerned for the Moultons and for Terri.

“They’re dealing with the problem as best they could, and they didn’t bring it on themselves,” said a man who declined to be identified. “My sympathies go out with them … to her parents and to her (Terri). I don’t know whether she is guilty or not.”

Another neighbor questioned the media coverage.

“If she’s getting beaten up, why are you beating her up?” he said.

Other Roseburg residents said they wish Terri would start talking because a little boy is missing.

“I think she should come clean and at least tell the truth. I mean, I don’t know what the truth is, but whatever it is it should be told,” said Donna Defea.

Kyron’s disappearance has also touched this town. At a Holiday Inn Express downtown a Kyron Horman missing poster was spotted.

It is not known whether Terri plans to stay at her parents’ home or if it is just a temporary residence until she finds a new home.
At exactly 3 p.m. Saturday, members of Terri's legal team left the family's rural Northwest Multnomah County property in Portland. They left Terri's red Mustang there.

According to a source, the Mustang is not part of the eviction agreement that she and Kaine worked out Friday afternoon through their attorneys.

At about 3:15 p.m. Kaine Horman returned to his home on Shelter Nook Road.

In court documents, Kaine has said he believes that his wife was involved in the disappearance, that he's learned she tried to hire someone to kill him last year and that after the boy disappeared, she began a sexual relationship with a high school acquaintance of his.

Terri Horman has not been charged with a crime nor named as a suspect by investigators.

Her lawyer did not immediately return calls Saturday seeking a response to the husband's comments. The Multnomah County sheriff's office said it would not comment on Kaine Horman's allegation about a third party.

In his responses to questions Friday, Kaine Horman did not identify a third party.

The father also added a bit of detail to reports that Terri Horman had taken a polygraph test twice. After Kyron disappeared, she took a first test, Kaine Horman told The Oregonian newspaper, and she "vented her failed results to all family and friends, and law enforcement at the house."

She took a second, cut it short, refused to repeat it for several days, and then, after taking the test again, she again came home, "venting to all listeners," Kaine Horman said.

He asked a judge to order Terri Horman out of their house, which he'd left in late June. He said he planned to move back in with their daughter, now 20 months, and prepare the house for the return of his son.

KATU News reporter Dan Tilkin contributed to this report.

Correction: It was originally reported that Terri's red Mustang was driven from the estranged couple's property. At this time it is still on the property.