Sources detail Terri’s timeline day Kyron disappeared

Sources detail Terri’s timeline day Kyron disappeared »Play Video
Terri Horman. File photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - According to multiple sources, Terri Moulton Horman claims she left Skyline School at 8:45 in the morning without Kyron the day he disappeared and that between 8:45 a.m. and 10:10 a.m. she ran errands at local grocery stores and can prove it.

As KATU news first reported, at least two stores, the Albertsons on Hillsdale Highway and the Sunset Fred Meyer, are cooperating with investigators. The Albertsons confirmed it turned over surveillance tape to investigators in the case.

Between 10:10 in the morning and 11:39, Terri claimed she drove her daughter Kiara around on rural roads in the family’s white truck because Kiara had an earache. She claimed she was trying to soothe the toddler with the motion of the vehicle.

Early on investigators made a request of the public for any video they might have of the white truck traveling on specific roads through Northwest Multnomah County and portions of Washington County.

At 11:39 a.m., Terri checked in at a 24-hour Fitness in Beaverton on Waterhouse Avenue and worked out for about an hour until 12:40 p.m.

By 1:21, Terri claimed she'd traveled home - a distance of nearly 11 miles - and was posting photos on Facebook she'd taken that morning of  Kyron standing with his science project and of his friend, Kurtis, standing with his.

Sources said she also e-mailed the teacher to find out when she could come pick up the project as she had not taken it home.

Yet according to Kaine Horman, that was the very reason Terri requested to drive the truck that day to Skyline School.

He said in an e-mail to KATU News: “I typically drive the truck and Terri drives the car. She wanted to use the truck to bring Kyron's science fair project home, easier done with the truck than the car."

Two of Terri's friends who've taken polygraph tests and turned over evidence said they are cooperating fully with investigators and have nothing to hide.

DeDe Spicher, another friend of Terri’s, has been accused by Kyron’s biological parents, Desiree Young and Kaine Horman, for not cooperating with police. Spicher refused to answer reporter’s questions Friday.

No one has been named a suspect or person of interest in the case, and police have not made any arrests.