Kaine documents: Terri paid $350,000 to retain her attorney

Kaine documents: Terri paid $350,000 to retain her attorney »Play Video
Kaine Horman. File photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Kaine Horman, the father of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman, filed paperwork Monday with Multnomah County to seek money from his estranged wife, Terri Horman, to pay for his mounting legal bills.

According to court documents dated July 26, Terri Horman has "tendered payment of $350,000 to her attorney Stephen Houze for her legal representation."

We do not know if that money has actually been paid to Houze, a Portland-based criminal defense attorney. Court documents however allege Terri "has indicated in a written communication to a third party" that she paid that amount.

Kaine's attorney said Terri Horman "should be required to immediately disclose the source and amount of such funds."

Portland-based child custody attorney Laura Rackner, who represented Kaine in Monday's filing, also wrote in court documents that if Terri borrowed the money, and if that loan is considered a marital liability, then the cash should be considered a shared marital asset. That, said Rackner, would make Terri Horman responsible for giving half of the $350,000 to Kaine Horman for his "attorney fees and costs."

Meanwhile, Rackner said Kaine "does not have sufficient income or resources to pay for these legal services and meet his other financial obligations for the children and himself."

If Terri contests the motion, then Kaine's attorney asks that Terri pay his attorney fees for filing the motion.

Meanwhile, investigators and a grand jury continue to gather evidence.

A Multnomah County grand jury investigating the disappearance on Monday subpoenaed Terri Horman's close friend DeDe Spicher.

Spicher's attorney, Chad Stavely, said Spicher was asked no questions but told to return, possibly within a few weeks.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Norm Frink declined to comment.

Stavely said Spicher is fully cooperating with investigators, including an interview last week that lasted more than three hours.

Stavely disputed allegations made in a statement last week by Kaine Horman and the Youngs, that Spicher was advising others not to talk to law enforcement.

"We've had several follow-up visits with detectives and the lead prosecutor, and the idea she's encouraging other people not to cooperate is just completely not founded in any fact," Stavely said.

The search for Kyron: