Earthquake hits Salem/Portland area

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PORTLAND, Ore. - An earthquake registering a magnitude of 3.6 shook our area late Sunday night, prompting dozens of phone calls and e-mails to the KATU newsroom as people reported what they had felt.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey at the University of Washington, the epicenter was five miles northwest of Brooks and happened at 11:20 p.m. The earthquake initially registered with a 3.2 magnitude, but was later revised to 3.6. It centered about 14 miles underground.

There were no immediate reports of damage.

People between Salem and Camas, Wash., reported feeling the quake. Others slept through it.

Distances from other Cities

  • Six miles from Labish Village
  • Six miles from Gervais
  • Seven miles from Keizer
  • 12 miles from Salem
  • 35 miles from Portland

Earthquake Classifications

  • Magnitude 0 - 3 = Micro
  • Magnitude 3 - 3.9 = Minor
  • Magnitude 4 - 4.9 = Light
  • Magnitude 5 - 5.9 = Moderate
  • Magnitude 6 - 6.9 = Strong
  • Magnitude 7 - 7.9 = Major
  • Magnitude 8 or higher = Great

E-Mails from KATU Viewers

I felt the earthquake in Vancouver, WA.  I was lying in bed watching The Haunting!  All the sudden the foot of my bed started to shake and the antenna on my radio started to hit the light next to it.  It only last a couple seconds… thankfully!  I convinced myself it was a quake instead someone coming to haunt me!  LOL. - Alicia S.

We felt the earthquake out in Washougal, WA right at the time you are reporting it happened. Woke me up out of my sleep, but mostly because of the rattling of my nightstand right next to my head.  Then as I woke from the noise I felt the whole bed shaking too. - Nicole

I live in Vancouver, WA, just south of NE 99th Street and 45th Avenue. I was watching a movie last evening in my second floor bedroom and felt the floor and house shake for one to two seconds. It was a sharp shake and did not linger. I looked at the time on my cable box and it was 11:22PM. I did not realize at first that it was an earthquake. I thought that my son was coming in and had shut the garage door really hard. I remember the one last Summer in July and it felt somewhat stronger. We had company in the house at that time and everyone felt that one. I have lived in Washington for less than two years now and have never experienced earthquakes before having moved here from Texas. - Jorge

I live in Monmouth and was still up when the quake occurred.  I lived in Southern California for 50 years and this was just a quick ‘thump in the night’; not a good old “thrill-ride roller”. - Gary

I live in North Vancouver and at 11:20 last night  I woke up feeling a little rattle, things shaking a little bit.  I woke up my husband telling him that we just had an earthquake.  He said, that sometimes a big truck on I-205 shakes the house and thats probably what it was. I didn't think so.  HA!  Once again, the wife is right  :) - Jennifer

I could not believe it when I got the KATU news alert this morning.  I had gone to bed at 11:05 and had not quite fallen asleep when I felt my bed shaking.  I thought it was my little dog coming to bed, however when I reached for her she was nowhere.  The shaking seemed a bit much for her as she only weighs about 12 pounds but sometimes rolls around when she comes to bed.  As I lay back down I thought to myself, geez, that is wierd it kind of felt like an earthquake.  We live about 2 miles from Brooklake Rd in Keizer, so it is not surprising to me that I felt this earthquake. - Cari

Just as I was going to bed last, I felt the bed shaking.  My husband, who had gone to bed before me, was moving a little bit so at first I thought it was just him.  But it was more of a shaking motion like someone was shaking the bed, and I heard the sliding door on my desk right next to the bed rattling.  I assumed at that point that there had been a small quake. - Laurel of West Linn

My wife and I were laying in bed when it felt like some invisible wave hit the bed on my side, went through the bed and rock our closet doors. We looked at each other and wondered,  "What was that!". I told her it was an earthquake - a small shock wave, but we went around the house and made sure all the doors were locked anyway! - Gregg of Sherwood

I live near Brush Prairie, WA and felt my computer desk shake, and heard my wine bottles rattling in their rack at approximately 11:21pm tonight. - Troy

I heard on the news that there was a small earthquake north of Salem a little while ago.  I live in Keizer, which is just north of Salem.  I was in the basement and I heard a rattling sound.  I thought it was my dog upstairs leaning against the wall as she scratched an itch, but I now know she was asleep in the living room, so it had to be the house shaking.  I was in the basement but I didn't feel anything. - Hunter

Earthquake - I live in Lafayette and I felt it tonight.  It only lasted 5 seconds at most, just enough to ask if the dog rolled into the chair. - Jackie

I have lived in the vicinity of NE 60th and Glisan for some 12 years.  I was watching the 11 PM news earlier this evening when I felt a number of subtle shakes over a period of a few minutes.  I have experienced earthquakes before, including the 5.8 Scotts Mills Quake of 1993 and the 6.8 Nisqually Quake on Ash Wednesday in 2001, and knew right away that this one was the real thing. - Vicki

At 11: 21pm.......I am pretty sure we experienced an earthquake!! I was lying in bed not asleep yet....actually watching the end of your newscast. When there was a rumble......and then my bed shook....the lamps shades faltered... and the walls creaked!!  It was a rolling type earthquake. My guess is it was at least a 3.0 size. I have experienced lots of quakes when I lived in California, so I know what they feel like. If that was not a quake I will be very interested in knowing what made that
experience for me. Look into it quickly!  I will watch for your report in the news tomorrow. Oh yeah.......I live in north Keizer. Thanks! - Judy

I wanted to let you know that I also felt the earthquake this evening, around 11:20pm or so.  I live in the southern end of Canby,OR.  My house is located between S Zimmerman and S Barnards Rd and between S Barlow Rd and Canby Marquam Hwy.  It was very apparent we were having a quake, and it shook our house with a tremble, but there is no damage as far as I am aware.  I hope this helps. - Debbie

Hello, on sunday Sept.23rd at approximately 11:21 pm there was a mild earthquake felt in Newberg Oregon. Could you please tell us where it was located and the magnitude? Also information on Oregon faultlines would be very interesting. - Debra

My wife and I live just outside of Scotts Mills (NE of Salem).  We felt the quake here.  It lasted about 2 seconds, caused no damage, and just shook our house a bit.  We felt it around 11:23pm ,or so. Sunday evening. - Bill

I live half the time in portland and half in Manzanita....but i'm here in portland right now....and just felt that earthquake. I'm in the raleigh hills area....actually closer to west slope...on SW 87th. I wasn't positive that was what i felt at first....I have a pretty bad cold so i thought maybe I'd gotten a little drowsy or dizzy all of a sudden. But i'm sitting here, writing on my laptop, and i feel my chair shaking a little....and I could've sworn I saw the water bottle on my table shake a bit. Took me a couple minutes to realize it had to be an earthquake. Was barely perceptible.....but definitely something happened. I'm glad I wasn't in Manzanita and felt an earthquake there.....that would've been an entirely different situation!!! - Andre

Just for your information, at 11:18 pm, we felt the quake here in Willamina, Oregon. It shook our home pretty good, woke up the dog.Thanks for varifing the "quake" for we were outside the house looking for an explosion of some kind. Thanks for all the news and work you do. - Anita

Just to add to the information about the earthquake:  I didn’t so much feel it as hear it — like the house settling a bit.  I thought at the time — a couple of minutes before you confirmed it — that it had to be a minor earthquake. We live at 9503 SW 6th Avenue, just off Terwilliger near Lewis and Clark. - John

Just wanted to let you know that we felt the earthquake all the way up in Carson.  I was watching a movie, laying down, and felt the house "rumble".  I got up, and into the doorway.  My family members did the same.  Only lasted like 2 seconds.. but with St.Helen's here.. you never know. I checked out on the website, and immediately saw the information on there, even before you reported it. - Michael

We live in NE Salem. I had settled into bed, trying to doze off when I felt the whole bed shake. I got up to see if one of the dogs was under my bed or if my 17 yr. old son watching tv in the living room (next to my room) had done something. My daughter heard me and came down the hall stating her bed was shaking too. Son didn't feel anything LOL. - Debbie

My clock—not necessarily super accurate—said 11:27 when I felt a strong jolt in West Linn, near Marylhurst University. - Miriam

Earthquake felt in Sheridan & Woodburn!!! - Cheryl

Little shaker here in Beaverton (Murrayhill). - Mitch

It is 11:28 pm and about 4 minutes ago we felt a small earthquake with a quick tremor after. Dogs sure growled! - Jessica

At approx. 11:20 pm while sitting at my computer, my entire house shook for about 3 seconds rattling the window, the strings on the blinds were swinging side to side, my computer monitor shook side to side.  I live in Keizer, did we just have a small earthquake? - John

Live out in Wilsonville and the whole entire house just shook. Felt like an earthquake... - Dorothy

I just felt a little side-to-side shaking and thought it might be an earthquake. Googled "Portland Oregon Earthquake" and you were the first to come up about the quake earlier this evening. Thanks! PS I live at 21st and Weidler, close to the epicenter from earlier today. - Erin

I just felt what I believe was a very small earthquake.  (about 11:22 pm--lasting only about 1-2 seconds)  I live in Philomath, OR. Just thought you'd like to know! - Ginger