A Miracle for police: Man, 82, helps solve 30 crimes

A Miracle for police: Man, 82, helps solve 30 crimes »Play Video

LONGVIEW, Wash. -- Terry Miracle was undoubtedly quick on his feet when he took down a fleeing burglar in his backyard last month.

Turns out the 82-year-old Longview man’s quick instincts also helped solve 30 crimes.

Morgan Bluehorse, the suspect – who’s a third of Miracle’s age – was wanted on 30 burglaries. Police say he confessed to breaking into homes or businesses in Longview, Kelso, other parts of Cowlitz County and Castle Rock.

So maybe it was a miracle when, after three dozen officers were hunting for Bluehorse, Miracle spotted the man running through his yard on Feb. 8 while Miracle was gardening. Miracle performed a cross-body block on Bluehorse, who was fleeing from police.

His story has gone viral on the Internet and attracted media outlets from throughout the world, from Portland, to London, to Australia.

“I’m amazed,” Miracle said. “Utterly amazed at the amount of attention.”

Miracle likes to cook and garden – he was doing the latter when he happen to catch the fleeing Bluehorse.

Now with 30 solved crimes in his back pocket, Miracle can get back to his other loves.