A bit of snow, a bit of freezing drizzle - but it could've been much worse

A bit of snow, a bit of freezing drizzle - but it could've been much worse
A dusting of snow in Beaverton

PORTLAND, Ore. – Monday night’s forecast was pretty much spot on - no better, but thankfully no worse.

Some snow flurries? Check. A bit of freezing rain? Check.

But they all came in the expected small doses and there were no obvious issues overnight from the winter weather in the Portland metro area. 

There were no major traffic problems as of 5 a.m. Tuesday morning, though drivers were advised to exercise caution on the roads. Freezing rain was heavier in Yamhill County, so drivers there should pay particularly close attention.

There remained a chance of freezing drizzle and snow flurries until Tuesday afternoon, with the odds being a bit higher from Vancouver north.

Vancouver schools announced they would be starting two hours late, and Battle Ground schools are closed.

Some MAX lines were delayed because of a power outage in Gresham. Riders were advised to prepare for delays of 30 minutes.

Temperatures were much warmer than they had been recently, with a possibility of getting back up above freezing by Tuesday afternoon.

On the coast, temperatures were warming after a night of freezing drizzle and mist. Snow accumulation was expected to be between a trace and an inch.

Things could get dicey again Thursday, with the potential for more freezing drizzle.