Man accused of drowning cats back in court

Man accused of drowning cats back in court
Robert Wright (left) appears in court on Monday, April 28.

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. -- A man accused of drowning his six cats in his back yard was back before a judge Monday.

Court documents show Robert Wright admitted to killing the cats because he didn't want them anymore.

He was arrested in March and was in court for another pretrial hearing.

The case angers those who work at adoption centers like Homeward Bound Pets in McMinnville.

"Our mission is to save animals and adopt them to good homes. In a  situation like that if it was an emergency we would have taken them  even if we were full," said Madison Ranche of Homeward Bound Pets.

But Brad Vaage, Wright's neighbor, came to his defense, saying he has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old and didn't realize what he was doing.

"Another cat had been sick and he took her to the vet several times and he just didn't want the other ones to suffer," said Vaage. "He couldn't take care of them very well. He had to borrow money to get the vet bill. But he loves cats."

Wright will be back before a judge next week, a trial date hasn't been set. He could face prison time if found guilty.