After returning to U.S., fugitive teacher will face sex abuse charges

After returning to U.S., fugitive teacher will face sex abuse charges »Play Video
Logan Storm.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A former Beaverton math teacher evading sentencing on a child pornography conviction was arrested in Mexico on Monday and may soon be on his way back to Oregon to face felony sex abuse charges.

Logan Storm was convicted on the child porn charges Jan. 29 and was released until his sentencing scheduled in April.

But authorities found Storm's ankle monitoring device, which had been cut off, at a park near Troutdale hours after his conviction. They eventually found his car in Los Angeles.

There's no indication yet what led to Storm's arrest in Mexico but the Multnomah County deputy district attorney, Amity Girt, who filed a re-indictment on the sex abuse charges said by phone prosecutors are glad Storm will face those charges now too.

"The DA's office will be coordinating with the U.S. attorney's office in prosecuting the re-indicted charges against Mr. Storm upon his return to the United States," she said. "And we would expect an arraignment on those charges when he returns."

The sex abuse charges date from 2007 and involved two separate victims. Both girls were under 14 years old.

The charges were originally filed in 2011. They were dismissed so federal authorities could prosecute storm on the child porn charges.

After he was accused of possessing child pornography, Storm fled the United States and went to London. He evaded authorities for nine months before he was convinced to return to the United States to face the charges.

Federal authorities accuse Storm's father, David Hansen, of helping his son flee to London. Hansen had no comment Tuesday outside his Southeast Portland home.

Storm was supposed to be staying at his father's house until his sentencing on the child pornography convictions.

No allegations have been made against Hansen that he helped his son escape the second time to Mexico.

Extraditing Storm from Mexico should go smoothly. He'll probably end up in federal court for skipping out on his pre-sentencing release on the child porn conviction before facing the sex abuse charges in state court.

Storm was released by a judge pending sentencing. That likely won't happen again and a felony sex abuse conviction would put him behind bars even longer.

The charges of sex abuse are Measure 11 crimes, which come with mandatory minimum sentences. First-degree sex abuse carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 75 months in prison. That's more than six years behind bars.