Aim a gun at me once, shame on you - do it twice, shame on you again

Aim a gun at me once, shame on you - do it twice, shame on you again

TROUTDALE, Ore. – A couple of weeks ago, Brent Wright was arrested after allegedly crouching down in his driveway and pointing an assault rifle at a car of teenagers.

He posted bail and went home.

On Wednesday, a different group of teenagers said, he did it again.

“We saw a laser on the front of our car and I was thinking this is probably a gun, so everyone put your head down,” said 17-year-old Jordan Fivecoats. “He had the laser directly on us and I put my head down and we just floored it – it couldn’t have happened any faster.”

This came on the heels of a very similar incident a few weeks ago that was captured on video. The first group was ready with a camera, they said, because Wright had threatened them.

“It was just a weird thing to say,” said Cameron James, who was in the first group. “He said 'I'll show you my Daddy.'  It was just an odd thing for someone to say. I felt weird about it.”

The video shows a man crouched in his driveway pointing what appears to be an assault rifle at the car.

Wright was arrested, charged with menacing and posted bail.

Then on Wednesday, said 17-year-old Jordan Fivecoats, Wright followed him and some friends for part of a walk. It scared them enough that they took a different route home.

Later, Fivecoats said, he and two friends went to get food and took his sister’s car because they were worried Wright might recognize his.

Fivecoats said when they returned home, Wright was ready with his gun.

“Whenever I saw that gun I was thinking just don’t pull that trigger, cause things like that happen, happen frequently,” Fivecoats said. It’s easy to give that trigger a little squeeze and you can’t really take back someone’s life.”

Police obtained a search warrant for Wright’s house, but court documents haven’t yet been made available. Attempts to contact Wright at his house and by phone were unsuccessful.

“I definitely think that if he did it twice and I don’t think he’s scared to do it again - I don’t think that man should have a gun, personally,” Fivecoats said. “If you pull out a gun on a teenage kid because you said he’s speeding through a neighborhood – you’re not right.”