Another popular Portland food cart pod forced to close

Another popular Portland food cart pod forced to close

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Another Portland food cart pod just got notice it has to close down, right as the busiest season begins.

It's a small, but successful pod at Southwest 6th and Columbia.

Tiffany and Andrew Love got an eviction notice saying they'd soon be replaced with parking spots.

"(We're) disappointed, shocked," Tiffany said.

It couldn't be worse timing. The start of the summer rush.

"So it's like, 'Where are we gonna go now? and right when we're ready to do well!'" Tiffany said.

And what's really bothering them: a less than pleasant conversation with someone who was on the property last week.

"He asked me about eight questions that were basically, 'why do you guys exist?' and then two days later we get an eviction notice," said Andrew.

The cart owners want to know with some certainty why they're being evicted. They say during the day, the lot typically has several spaces available, and they say businesses around them love the lunch options. Whatever the answer may be, they know they accepted some risk when they set up there.

Their lease is monthly. But it's the second pod in a week to get the boot. "Cartopia" in Southeast Portland just found out it's being replaced with an apartment building.

"Food Carts Portland" editor Brett Burmeister is concerned.

"We have to create community spaces, and this helps create the community space" he said, referencing downtown food carts. "If we get rid of these just so we can park more cars, we're going against the fabric of what Portland has been trying to build for the last 30 years. So hopefully the city, developers, people making the decisions over the next 10 years will be able to work together to make sure that this is still vibrant."

But for businesses recently kicked out, it's now every cart for itself.

"We don't want to lose all of what we worked so hard for, and be put into a place where no one will ever know that we exist," Tiffany said.

The eviction notice says the carts have to move out by the end of the month.

Harsch Investment Properties in Portland, the company that manages the lot, told KATU Tuesday evening it is looking into the concerns and will release a statement Wednesday morning.