Armed robber wrestled to the ground by determined clerk

Armed robber wrestled to the ground by determined clerk
Tyler Gray tackled an armed robber who got away with a cell phone from a Milwaukie AT&T store.

MILWAUKIE, Ore. -- A robber armed with a knife managed a narrow escape after a clerk chased him down and tackled him to the ground in Milwaukie Saturday.

According to Milwaukie Police, the man got away in a silver Volkswagon Jetta. But it was a close call for the thief.

“The minute he turned to leave I saw that the phone was missing,” said Kyle Gray, a clerk at the AT&T store on Southeast Oak Street in Milwaukie. “I yelled, ‘hey, stop’ and chased after him.”

Police corroborated Gray’s story in a press release Saturday.

Officers believe a robber walked into store, grabbed one of the store’s highly priced phones, ripped it off an anchor and ran away with it.

Gray took off after him, following him down the sidewalk and around to the other side of a nearby Walgreens.

That’s where he told police another person helped him wrestle the thief to the ground.
The thief had a folding pocket knife, but it did not deter Gray, who said tackling the suspect felt just like wrestling with one of his brothers.

“I just kind of jumped,” Gray said. “I put my arm around his head and slammed him. He went on all fours.”

At that point, Gray said, the thief was still holding a knife. But despite the danger, he said he did not feel frightened.

“This is just adrenaline,” Gray said. “I saw him leaving the store and [I said] ‘You’re not going to steal from me. Not at my store.’”

Despite Gray’s efforts, Police say the thief was able to get away in a car driven by an accomplice.

Gray and several other witnesses were able to piece together the plates.

According to the police, both suspects left in a silver Jetta with Oregon license plate number 562FJH.

Milwaukie Police released the following descriptions:

  • Suspect number 1 wielded the knife. He is described as a white male adult in his late twenties, unshaven with short, red hair. He is about 6'4" and 230 pounds. He was wearing a tan jacket, distressed blue jeans with random tears and holes, and black skater shoes with white soles.
  • Suspect number 2, the driver, was described as a white male adult in his mid-twenties, unshaven with brown hair. He is about 6'1" tall and 140 pounds. He was wearing a Trailblazer logo baseball cap, a red shirt over a longer white t-shirt, black sweatpants with a white stripe, and black Nike tennis shoes.