As if being a disabled veteran and a mom weren't hard enough ...

As if being a disabled veteran and a mom weren't hard enough ... »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Heidi Zwicky has a long resume: Four years in the U.S. Air Force, personal trainer, software programmer, and waitress.

Also worth a mention - she's the mother of two girls in Southwest Portland.

As if that weren't enough, Heidi is also studying architecture at Portland State University, in addition to the computer science degree she already earned years ago.
Heidi says two years of architecture portfolio and design work were on a laptop recently stolen from the Copyman printing store near PSU's campus.

She provided KATU with surveillance video showing three men casually walking inside and swiping a black bag from a chair near the front door.

The store is on the corner of SW 11th and Jefferson.

Heidi said she was working with an employee to make a copy of her design work while it happened.

"All of my work is gone," she said, in tears. "It's been a very stressful time having something like this happen."

Heidi's classes are free of charge thanks to a government program that pays for her to learn new job skills because she was disabled during her military service.

Click "play" above to watch the security camera video and see if you recognize any of the suspects.