Husband of Pendleton attack victim: 'They were sure he'd left her for dead'

Husband of Pendleton attack victim: 'They were sure he'd left her for dead' »Play Video
Karen Lange

PORTLAND, Ore. – Dan Lange wants to be at home with his wife in his arms.

“We’ve been married for 33 years,” he said.

Dan’s wife, Karen Lange, nearly died after a brutal attack in Pendleton earlier this month. Her brain was damaged in the attack, Dan said.

Dan spoke about his wife and the case at Oregon Health and Science University, where his wife is recovering.

A man ambushed Karen while she walked on a trail near her home on Aug. 9. Police believe 26-year-old Danny Wu hit her in the head with a metal pipe. Police found her the next morning.

“She just didn’t some home. By the time that I really started thinking about it, she should have been sleeping on the couch like she normally does and then I have to tell her how the show ended,” said Dan Lange.

“They were sure that he’d left her for dead.”

Police said surveillance video and photos led them to Wu. Police believe Wu is connected to a woman’s stabbing death in Pendleton last year.

Police previously had no leads in the death of Amyjane Brandhagen. DNA from the pipe used to hit Karen Lange matched the knife used to kill Brandhagen, Lange said.

“We have a very strong connection to Amyjane,” said Dan Lange. “I know that Karen would want that murder solved. It’s a big sacrifice to make but to have that murder solved is so important.”

Wu (right) is described as 5’7’’ tall and 180 pounds. He has a “Semper Fi” tattoo on his left wrist, police said.

Wu is homeless and a loner who should be considered extremely dangerous. If you see him, you’re asked to call police.