'Thanks for the iPads and I really like those guys'

'Thanks for the iPads and I really like those guys' »Play Video
Students at the Victory Academy play with their new iPads.

WILSONVILLE, Ore. – A local non-profit group stepped up to the plate on Wednesday to help out a school that had several iPads stolen during two separate break-ins.

The Victory Academy uses iPads to help teach autistic students. Software on the tablets helps the students communicate and develop manual dexterity. But unfortunately for the school, thieves in two separate break-ins managed to steal ten iPads.

That’s where the Bald Faced Truth Foundation stepped in to help, offering to replace the school’s stolen tablets. The BFT Foundation is led by Oregonian sports columnist John Canzano and his wife Anna, who is a KATU reporter and anchor.

Setting up her brand-new iPad on Wednesday, 7-year-old Carmel Ooten and the 28 other students at the Victory Academy got a big lesson in giving back.

Ooten said she was “happy” when asked how it feels to have the iPads back in the classroom.

“Opening up a new iPad was, like, fun!” she said.

“When I got the call from the Bald Faced Truth Foundation, I honestly, I was in my car and I stepped outside and I wept,” said Tricia Hasbrook, the director of Victory Academy. “It’s just these kids are so special.”

“For me, personally, to be able to walk in here and see the difference that we can all make, I mean, we’re all part of the same tribe, it’s just a very cool feeling,” John Canzano said.

Even kids who struggle to overcome a disability difficult for others to see can easily see what it means to give back.

“It’s cool, like, you know, these guys were nice,” Ooten said “Thanks for the iPads and I really like those guys.”

The foundation saw our story last week and called the school that same day to start arranging for the replacement iPads. They specialize in quickly solving problems for local school kids and say this is a perfect example of a little help that makes a world of difference.

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