Beer truck overturns on Interstate 5 ramp

Beer truck overturns on Interstate 5 ramp »Play Video
Photos by Emily Sinovic, KATU News

PORTLAND, Ore. – A truck full of beer overturned Tuesday morning on an Interstate 5 on ramp near the Oregon-Washington border.

The crash destroyed thousands of beers and sent Bud Light and Bud Light Lime flowing down the road. The beer was headed for Spokane, Wash.

"Probably ought to stay away from there for a few weeks," said driver Tom Grabon.

The Oregon Department of Transportation said the crash closed the Columbia Boulevard on ramp just before 10 a.m.

Grabon said Tuesday's crash was the first time he's overturned a truck. No one was hurt in the crash. There was no serious fuel leak.

"When I got started into that curve, that's when I picked up a little speed," he said. "There was like a split second there where it was going to right itself, and nope."

Grabon said he's hauled all kinds of things with his big rig. This time, he happened to be hauling the drink he gave up nearly 30 years ago.

"February 12, 1984," he said. "The last time I drank."

The trucking company was able to salvage some of the beer, but it may have been spoiled by the heat. The rest was taken to the dump.