Best sandwich in the Northwest? A PDX food cart holds the title

Best sandwich in the Northwest? A PDX food cart holds the title »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Owners of a local sandwich cart are celebrating some national recognition.

Big Ass Sandwich was recently featured on the Travel Channel show Adam Richman's Best Sandwiches in America.

The sandwich, with roast beef, french fries and cheese sauce -- all put on local ciabatta bread -- earned top honors in the Northwest.

On Wednesday, there was a 10- to 15-minute wait just to get a taste of the sandwich that could serve as more than one meal. The sandwich is already catching on in downtown Portland as is the food cart, said Lisa Wood, who owns the cart with her husband Brian.

"When I got laid off out of radio, we had always talked about opening a restaurant and this is a great starting point," she said.

Wood has worked in the cart for the past three years. Now thanks to Richman's show, her lines at this Cracker Jack box-sized cart stretch down the street.

"We're trying to keep up," Wood said. "It's an 8x16 cart. We only have so much space ... We homemake everything we also packed this thing to the gills every morning when it's gone it's gone we have to make everything again."

The taste isn't just in the bread. The beef can't be forgotten. The same goes for the cheese sauce that practically melts in your mouth. The french fries are also a crucial ingredient in the sandwich.

"We hand-cut the fries we cook them twice and it's a taste you won't find anywhere else," Wood said.

It's a taste her customers said is just too good to stay away from. James Guigayoma was visiting in town from San Francisco visiting friends and made more than one stop at sandwich cart.

" ... We've been here pretty much every day," he said.

Customers like Guigayoma are keeping Wood and her staff busy.

"You have to have all that stuff together, and it's the flavor we're going for," she said.

The business has been so successful that the Woods would like to eventually open a restaurant to serve what is now the best sandwich in the Northwest.