Bevy of transportation funding options proposed

Bevy of transportation funding options proposed

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon politicians are looking for ways to pay for upkeep and repair of roads.

Wednesday, Representative Earl Blumenauer introduced H.R. 3636 in the U.S. house. The bill would increase the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel by 15 cents per gallon over a period of three years.

In a news release, Blumenauer wrote: “The gas tax used to be an efficient road user fee, but with inflation and increased fuel efficiency, especially for some types of vehicles, there is no longer a good relationship between what road users pay and how much they benefit.”

Blumenauer says more money is needed to meet the demands of maintenance for the nation’s roads, bridges, and transit.

Meanwhile, in Portland, our news partners at Willamette Week report that a task force is being prepped to identify ways to raise new money for transportation projects. 

Mayor Charlie Hales first mentioned the idea of new taxes or fees for transportation on KATU’s “Your Voice, Your Vote."

Sources who have seen some proposals tell Willamette Week that they include a city gas tax and a street-maintenance fee.