Boy bitten by pit bull gets infection; owners still won't give dog up

Boy bitten by pit bull gets infection; owners still won't give dog up »Play Video
The pit bull's owner, Kimberly Vasquez, denies she forged her dog's veterinary documents and says she won't give up her dog after it bit a 5-year-old boy.

LONGVIEW, Wash. – The owners of a vicious pit bull that took a huge chunk out of a little boy's leg are still hiding the dog, and now the 5-year-old victim is suffering even more simply because of the owners' ongoing refusals to turn the animal over.

Police cannot legally arrest the owner, Kimberly Vasquez, because she won't turn over the dog, but the investigating officer said he's going to the Cowlitz County prosecutor Wednesday morning asking that felony charges, including forgery, be filed against her.

Meanwhile, the little boy's mother is more frustrated by her neighbor's refusal to give up the dog.

"It seems like they don't care," said "Susan" who didn't want to be identified.

Her family is still shaken by the attack and the huge chunk taken out of her 5-year-old boy's leg. And Vasquez, who animal control officers say is the dog's owner, still refuses to tell Susan or anyone else where the dog is.

"I put it at her as, 'How would you feel if it was your son who got bit?' You would want somebody to put the dog down."

Susan said Vasquez responded to her plea by saying the dog is her baby, which she bottle fed. Vasquez also told Susan the dog is pregnant.

"So she ain't giving it up," Susan said was what Vasquez told her.

On Tuesday, Vasquez's roommate said she didn't know where the pit bull or its owners were even as the little boy suffered more because of the wound that looks a lot like a shark bite.

Susan said her son went through a second surgery Tuesday and more of his leg was removed because of infection. In addition, skin had to be grafted from another part of his body.

He's now also going through two weeks of daily rabies shots because the Humane Society said the dog's veterinary records are forgeries.

Last Friday Vasquez denied she forged the records saying, "I know nothing about that."

Susan said through it all her son has been a trooper.

"He has had a really good attitude about everything," she said. "This morning when he went in for surgery he was a little upset about it, but he fell asleep really quick."

Susan said she hopes someone will tell animal control where the pit bull is so her children aren't living in fear of the neighbor's dog.

One saving grace is that the dog's owners likely won't be living in the neighborhood much longer. There's a 72-hour eviction notice posted on their apartment.

The landlord said Tuesday night the Vasquezes are not even on the lease, but they will be out Friday along with their roommate after she gets a court order and the sheriff's help to physically evict them.

The Cowlitz County Humane Society wants to hear from anyone who knows where that dog is before someone else gets hurt.