Boy injured at Silver Falls home from hospital

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Wilson Pelot's father sent KATU this photo showing his son heading home from the hospital.

Suddenly, there he was at the bottom of the stairs in his Sellwood home, 10-year-old Wilson Pelot with a cast on his arm and brace around his neck.

His mom was surprised to see that he'd apparently woken from his nap and was ready to greet visitors. And among his visitors were kids his age, bearing well-wishes in the form of drawings and homemade snowflakes and a seashell.

Wilson was released from OHSU sooner than expected on Wednesday afternoon after he plunged over a steep embankment at Silver Falls State Park in Silverton over the weekend.

The discussion among his visitors involved Wilson lifting his shirt to show his friends the bruise on his back. They commiserated over his inability to play basketball the next couple of months. Grown-up neighbor friends brought food like broth, which Wilson's mom says will be crucial right now, and made plans with Wilson's parents to bring over more meals to help.

Standing in their living room, Liam Pelot marveled and said his son is "very thankful to be home right now and tell his friends the story of how he survived. And we're thankful he had that opportunity."
It was during a hike last Sunday at Silver Falls State Park that Wilson leaned back against a railing at the Lower South Falls trail. The railing gave way, and down Wilson went, falling 60 feet down an embankment.
Pelot said he was surprised to learn the Oregon Parks Department knew the railing was broken as early as Dec. 22 of last year. He said had the railing been marked as dangerous, they would have heeded the warning and avoided it.
Pelot said the family has sent a letter via an attorney to the state requesting all evidence from the scene be preserved. He's not sure yet whether they'll pursue any legal action but they're glad the park acted quickly to alert visitors about the hazard the day after his son fell.
"Of course, we wished they would have done that before this happened," said Pelot.

The boy injured after plunging over a steep embankment at Silver Falls State Park on Sunday is already out of the hospital.

Wilson Pelot, 10, was released from OHSU sooner than expected on Wednesday afternoon.

His father, Liam, says Wilson is resting and won't be able to do any physical activity for two months.

"We're thrilled he's home," said Liam, who scrambled down the 60-foot embankment to rescue his son after leaning against a loose railing at the popular Lower South Falls trail.

Pelot also says he sent a letter to Oregon State Parks demanding it preserve all the evidence from the accident.

"It's not a lawsuit. We have no plans to sue, or not sue, at this point," he said.

Pelot says his decision to file a lawsuit against the state will be based on how much Wilson's medical treatment costs.

Oregon State Parks admits it knew the railing was broken back in December.

Wilson's internal bleeding stopped and he will be fitted for a cast on his wrist later this week.