Boyfriend mourns after train hit and killed girlfriend

Boyfriend mourns after train hit and killed girlfriend »Play Video
The rail bridge over the Lewis River that locals call the "ghost bridge."

WOODLAND, Wash. – The boyfriend of a woman hit and killed by a train on a Southwest Washington rail bridge says he doesn’t understand how the whole thing happened.

The two were on a rail bridge over the Lewis River between Woodland and Ridgefield on Wednesday night when the train hit and killed Amanda Duarte.

It’s a notorious spot for accidents that locals call the “ghost bridge.”

Chris Borelis said they were in the middle of the bridge when they heard the train horn blow in the distance. He said he jumped into the water and Duarte walked towards the end of the bridge.

“We thought she was fine, the people I was with fishing thought she was fine,” he said. “I jumped off the bridge and swam in and they said she never came down.”

He climbed back up to find her.

“I said ‘babe, are you playing with me?’ I thought she was messing around, going to scare me or something,” he said. “I looked back down there and I saw her body. That was when I knew.”

Duarte had been struck by an Amtrak train coming from Seattle.

When Borelis returned to the bridge on Thursday he found one of the shoes his girlfriend was wearing.

“She was only 25 years old. We were going to have a future together,” he said. “She loved going fishing with me. That’s what we did every day after work. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

One man who lives nearby said there have been around eight deadly accidents on the bridge in the last 25 years. Some have been people drowning, he said, but most involved trains.

Locals told us the area is popular for swimming so lots of people cross the bridge. But it’s also illegal and obviously dangerous to walk on the railroad bridge.

Investigators said in this case, Duarte made it to the end of the bridge in time but didn’t manage to get off the tracks before she was hit.