Boy's reading skills save friend after bad allergic reaction

Boy's reading skills save friend after bad allergic reaction »Play Video
Ransom Duel (left) and Sullivan Moore were the guests of honor at an assembly at Harritt Elementary in Salem. Ransom saved Sullivan after he ate food with nuts, which he is very allergic to.

SALEM, Ore. – Maybe Ransom Duel has a future as a doctor.

Because when his friend started getting sick during lunch at Harritt Elementary, the 7-year-old knew he had to diagnose what was wrong before he could fix it. Also, knowing how to read helped.

That day at lunch, Ransom's friend, Sullivan Moore, also 7, thought another kid’s Nutella looked pretty good. So he ate some. The problem was Sullivan is really allergic to nuts.

"Sully has an allergy to all tree nuts, and he just thought it was chocolate," said Sullivan's mom, Patti Moore.

So when Sullivan started having a bad reaction, Ransom grabbed the jar of Nutella and starting reading the ingredients. Third one in, he found what he was looking for.

"I found 'hazelnuts,'" Ransom said.

He grabbed a teacher, who got Sullivan the medicine he needed.

"And he might even be in the hospital now if I didn't do that," Ransom said.

Ransom's now considered a hero, and he was honored at a school assembly.

"Hero, really, I guess, is the only word that can describe it," Patti said.

But Ransom just prefers "friend."

Sullivan didn't have to go to the hospital. His mom came by the school to make sure he was OK and later that day Sullivan and Ransom were able to get together and play.

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