Bursting pipes send area kids home early

Bursting pipes send area kids home early »Play Video
A number of pipes burst early Monday at Stephenson Elementary, leaving several classrooms flooded.

PORTLAND, Ore -- Students at Stephenson Elementary left school early Monday after an increasing number of pipe ruptures left more than half the school without heat and several classrooms flooded.

The school will remain closed through Tuesday.
"It was freezing. It was 45 degrees in [my daughter's] classroom," parent Christina Wright said.
Calls went out to parents like Wright before noon and all day they trickled in, fetching their kids from the part of the school that was still dry and warm.
Despite the inconvenience, parents we spoke to were quick to praise the school's response.
"They had a great response system, they called us, they did everything they needed to do," parent Karen Rose said.
Throughout the afternoon, custodial staff continued to remove water from six classrooms, while teachers did their best to save what materials they could.
"It’s sad to see your teaching materials get destroyed," third grade teacher Christine Snodgrass said. "But I’m glad we got the kids out of the room before the water started coming in."
Not Alone
At least two other schools in our area had bursting pipes that kept kids from the classroom: Oak Grove Elementary in Milwaukie and Christ the King School in Oregon City.
Oak Grove will reopen tomorrow. Christ the King will remain closed.