Cab driver who hit women gets jail time, license suspended

Cab driver who hit women gets jail time, license suspended »Play Video
Moktar Mohamud Mohamed pleaded no contest Tuesday and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, had his license suspended for five years, and he received three years probation.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A 46-year-old cab driver who hit two women last spring in downtown Portland pleaded no contest Tuesday as part of a plea bargain and will spend 90 days in jail and have his license suspended.

On March 7, Moktar Mohamud Mohamed was driving a Broadway Cab when he ran a red light and flew through an intersection. He careened into Lori Nuhring and Dian Bennett, sending them into the windows of a store at Southwest 10th and Morrison.

In addition to jail time, Mohamed had his license suspended for five years and received three years of formal probation. He will also have to pay restitution to the victims but the amount has yet to be determined.

He'll start serving his sentence Thursday.

Nuhring and Bennett both gave tearful statements before the judge delivered Mohamed's sentence. They both talked about not just the time spent in the hospital but their rehabilitation.

They also spoke about the things they can't do with their families, like play with their children, because of the accident.

Nuhring is still using a walker and Bennett is in a wheelchair. They both wept in court. They said they've been reliving the nightmare of what happened that night.

Bennett still has a bad leg injury. Nuhring's ankle and leg were severely injured, and she's now facing her seventh surgery since the crash. She said it will take years until she's fully healed. But she told the judge her scars aren't just physical.

"What can't be seen are the emotional scares – PTSD – the panic attacks whenever a yellow cab – whenever I see a yellow cab," she said.

Mohamed did speak to the victims, telling them that he was sorry. He lost his job shortly after the crash.