Car thief steals irreplaceable video footage of late Longview woman

Car thief steals irreplaceable video footage of late Longview woman »Play Video
This is an image taken from video of Cindy Hardin, who passed away from lung cancer. The short clip is one of the few videos her daughter Janette Cade has of her mother. The rest were stolen.

LONGVIEW, Wash. -- A Kelso woman is hoping the thief that broke into her truck Friday night returns something that is irreplaceable.

Janette Cade was in Portland for a night out at the Crystal Ballroom with friends. She parked her truck in a nearby parking garage. Her friends left their purses in the truck and Cade left a small, black duffel bag, which she treated as a purse. When they got back to the truck that night, the purses and bag were gone.

"I panicked about my mom's videos," said Cade, when she realized her bag was gone.

There was a small, cardboard, Fred Meyer jewelry box inside Cade's bag. Inside the box were four Micro SD cards filled with hours of footage of Cade's late mother, Cindy Hardin. Hardin started recording the footage in 2012 after she learned she would soon die of lung cancer.

"Our first thought was to start recording," remembered Cade. "Start recording everything we could, anything that she would have to tell us, anything from family recipes to sewing instructions."

A small clip of one of the videos can be found on Cade's Facebook page. There is evident humor in what her mother says.

"We're going to be glued together now until I die," she says to her daughter in the footage. "And then I'm going to say I don't want to go by myself. You'll have to go with me because I'm afraid."

"You understand that I can't go with you," responds Cade.

"Oh I can take you with me," says Hardin, followed by laughter from both women.

Cade saw the footage as something that would live on after her mother.

"It felt like my mom died all over again," she said, talking about the theft. "Like she left all over again, you know?

Cade hopes the thieves will turn the cards into police when they realize how irreplaceable they are.