Career criminal arrested after high speed chase, hit-and-run

Career criminal arrested after high speed chase, hit-and-run »Play Video
Kevin Cox

SALEM, Ore. – Police arrested a 46-year-old career criminal in Salem after a high speed chase and hit-and-run crash Thursday night.

Kevin Cox was arrested for the 51st time. He’s been arrested an average of twice a year for the last 28 years.

Police said they started chasing Cox’s pickup truck in Northeast Salem Thursday night after a traffic violation.

The chase reached 105 mph before Cox crashed into another car with 2 people inside. Cox got out of the truck a short time later and tried to run away on foot, police said. Officers caught up to him and shot him with a non-lethal bullet when Cox refused to show officers his hands.

He was arrested and booked into the Marion County Jail where he is being held without bail, according to police.

Sean Houston and his girlfriend Stephanie Bickle were injured in the hit-and-run crash, but said it could have been a lot worse.

“If I’d been going even 2 mph faster, he could have hit me right on the driver’s side door,” said Houston.

Cox has faced a variety of charges – including robbery, theft and drug-related charges. Marion County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Don Thomson told KATU News that because the arrests started back in 1984, Cox may have served the maximum for one crime before being released and committing another. Probation was likely the punishment for misdemeanor charges – not jail time.

Cox is scheduled to appear in court Monday. He was also scheduled to appear in court next week for unrelated charges.

Houston and Bickle said they hope Cox stays behind bars for a long time because they’re worried about what he could do next time.

“I hope he gets taken off the street for good this time,” said Houston.