Caught on camera: Purse theft from restaurant front desk

Caught on camera: Purse theft from restaurant front desk

PORTLAND, Ore. – When Laquesha Stockwell couldn’t find her purse, everyone at the Francis Xavier restaurant in Northeast Portland thought it was another employee prank.

She looked at the surveillance video to catch the prankster in the act, but she couldn’t believe what she found.

“I honestly thought I was going to faint. I didn’t know what to do,” said Stockwell.

A woman with a large yellow purse is seen on video walking by the front desk several times before grabbing Stockwell’s purse behind the counter.

“Who would do that? Especially during the holidays,” Stockwell said. “It’s so heartless.”

Stockwell said she filed a police report, but she’s hoping someone turns the thief in before she steals again.

“It’s not just the purse, it’s the fact that my social and my ID and my credit cards were in there,” she said. “You see identity theft on the news and that’s horrible. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

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