Census data map looks at life in Oregon and around the U.S.

Where in Oregon can you find the largest concentration of Luxembourgers? Or maybe the most families with more than five kids?

How about something more substantial: Where in Oregon can you have the shortest commute? The highest paying jobs?

Average Hours Worked
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A group of computer programmers in Boston have taken U.S. Census data and created an interactive map giving you a county-by-county look at wealth, gender and race in the United States.

The map, found here, can be set to show you a plethora of data, including areas of the country with the highest income level, gender wage ratio, or where you can find the most Welsh residents.

The programmers put the map together as a part of the National Day of Civic Hacking in June.

The National Day of Civic Hacking brought developers, government agencies and American citizens together in an effort to use technology to improve society.

We took some of the data sets looking at standard of living issues and broke them out into maps or you to explore. Click on each map to check out the data in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Median Household Income

Average Commute Time
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