Cigarette to blame for early morning house fire

Cigarette to blame for early morning house fire

PORTLAND, Ore. – Firefighters said a discarded cigarette caused a house fire early Saturday morning in Northeast Portland.

No one was hurt. Six people got out of the house safely after the fire started at around 5 a.m.

The fire was under control about 20 minutes after crews arrived. 23 firefighters responded to the fire.

“Due to the strategically located fire stations, we were able to quickly get to this home and ensure the occupants had gotten out and limit the amount of damage because of the rapid fire spread,” said Chief John Klum.

Firefighters estimated that the fire caused $77,500 in damage to the house, located at 5304 NE 54th Avenue.

Cigarettes are the number one cause of fires and fire deaths, firefighters said.