Weather impacting travelers, homeowners

PORTLAND, Ore- What was supposed to be an easy flight to Dallas turned into hours of delays for Crystal Williams.

Nasty weather across the country canceled her flight and several others in and out of Portland International Airport.

Across town in Beaverton, the record low temperatures mean phones are ringing non-stop for companies like AAA Heating and Cooling.

"One little ice chip will shut down the furnace in a hurry," said technician Charles Ray.

The freezing temperatures have technicians like Ray dealing with a problem he hasn't seen in years - furnace condensate lines freezing up, crippling heating units all across the area.

Luckily there's an easy fix. Ray suggests mixing up a solution of water and rubbing alcohol and spraying the end of the exhaust line every few hours.

It only costs a few dollars and could save you a hefty service fee.