Community remembers woman killed by suspected drunken driver

Community remembers woman killed by suspected drunken driver »Play Video
Brandon Pugh receives a hug Monday night after police say his wife, Billie, was killed by a drunken driver on Sunday.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Members of the community gathered Monday evening at the place where police say a drunken driver took the life of a 28-year-old wife and mother over the weekend.

Two cars met at the Southeast 122nd and Stark Sunday night. The light was green for Billie Pugh and her husband, Brandon. It was red for the other driver, 20-year-old LaShai Antoinette Williams.

But police say Williams was drunk and drove right through the light.

"She was a great mom," said Brandon Pugh. "This is the outcome of getting messed up and driving. You get drunk and drive, you destroy people's families."

About 100 people showed up at the corner to remember Billie. They hugged and exchanged words of support.

Billie and Brandon had two children together. The daughter just turned 1.

Williams appeared in court Monday afternoon. She faces several charges, including manslaughter and driving under the influence.