Community supports wrong-way crash victims: 'I have to do something'

Community supports wrong-way crash victims: 'I have to do something' »Play Video
Ericka Gorremans' car was destroyed after a man suspected of driving the wrong way on Interstate 5 near Ridgefield, Wash. hit her. Gorreman and her 10-year-old son were seriously injured. Her 6-year-old nephew, Henry, was killed.

There are new efforts to help the woman and her son seriously hurt when a wrong-way driver crashed into her car head-on last week. Her six year old nephew died in the crash near Battle Ground.

Ericka Gorremans is now in fair condition at the hospital, according to OHSU personnel. She spoke to KATU over the weekend.

Gorremans’ friend, Gail Miller, who used to tutor her daughter, has set up an online fund in the hopes of easing the financial burden for the family dealing with medical bills and a long recovery.

Miller said she’s stayed in touch with Gorremans over the years and always respected her.

“I saw a lot of kids whose parents were not involved in their lives, and to see Ericka, as a single mom, just doing everything she could to give them everything she could was refreshing,” Miller said.

She felt she had to do something when she heard the news of the crash.

“There's just times you are compelled, there's something inside that says, it's your turn now.”

Miller said she asked Gorremans for permission to raise funds to help the family.

“She was amazed, she said it's been amazing to have the outpouring of care,” Miller said. “It’s not a big deal on my part, it's not a huge effort, but I think it will make a huge difference in their lives.”

The La Center Elementary PTO is also working to set something up for the family.