Couples brave the cold to get coveted wedding reservations

Couples brave the cold to get coveted wedding reservations »Play Video
Couples anxious to get their wedding plans in order showed up bright and early outside the Portland Parks and Recreation office on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. KATU photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Every year around this time the Portland Parks & Recreation office in downtown Portland gets a whole lot busier.

On the first business day of the year, couples who are getting married in the coming months and want to have a wedding in one of Portland's parks show up before dawn and patiently wait for the date and location they are hoping to get.

"It reminds us of standing in line for concert tickets a long time ago," said bride-to-be Amie Lorisch who was trying to secure a date in early August.

"The date is July 20 and we're aiming for Peninsula Park," said Kym Bradley, who was there with her partner, Jenn Becker. "Hopefully we'll get the gazebo and then sneak into the Rose Garden."

"We're just trying to make it as special as we can," said Becker. "It's important and significant to us."

"We're doing it for the support and the love and the family," said Bradley.

The two women, however, know their wedding day won't end with the same documentation as the other couples they waited in line with on Wednesday.

"We're doing everything that everyone else is doing, but we don't get to walk away with a piece of paper, so it's a little frustrating," said Becker.

Still, they are focusing on the positive as they plan their special day.

"Basically our entire family is coming," said Becker. "Like 80-year-old grandparents (who are) super conservative, excited for us, and my parents. I mean everybody is coming. We haven't had really anybody not be incredibly supportive."

Portland Parks and Recreation has more than 180 parks and gardens that can be reserved for wedding ceremonies and receptions.