Court documents: Rape victim was stalked for two months

Court documents: Rape victim was stalked for two months »Play Video
Adam DeCamp Duus

PORTLAND, Ore. - Newly released court documents show an accused rapist stalked a woman for two months before she was attacked in her home.

Adam Duus, 29, was officially charged with rape, kidnapping and three other charges on Monday. He is being held in jail on more than $500,000 bail.

The alleged victim reported Duus would stand outside her house in Southeast Portland and looked into her windows multiple times. This all started back in January.

A Probable Cause Affidavit states the victim said Duus kept getting closer and closer over the course of two months. She said he was watching her and when he grabbed her on her porch early last month, she was able to break free, run into the house and lock the door.

But the next time he grabbed her, she did not make it back inside. The victim told police Duus choked and pushed her into her house, put a knife to her throat and raped her. The crime happened on March 20.

It's not clear if the victim ever called police prior to the attack to report a man was stalking her. Investigators said the one thing that tipped them off about Duus is a twitch he has, which the victim had described.

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