Cover Oregon focused on increasing enrollment, not on possible investigation

Cover Oregon focused on increasing enrollment, not on possible investigation »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Cover Oregon could be facing a federal investigation into its collapse if Oregon’s federal lawmakers have anything to say about it. Cover Oregon's board didn’t acknowledge that on Thursday at its monthly meeting.

The board is focused on getting Cover Oregon’s enrollment numbers up, and developing a plan to generate enough money to become financially self-sufficient by the end of this year.

A spokesman told KATU News reporter Hillary Lake before the meeting started that Cover Oregon’s Interim Director Dr. Bruce Goldberg wouldn’t be commenting about the possible investigation by the Government Accountability Office.

When he was asked Goldberg said, “I don’t have a comment about it. That’s the prerogative of Congress.”

Goldberg also clarified Cover Oregon’s enrollment numbers at the meeting.

The state has 224,000 enrollees in both public and private health insurance plans. But, Cover Oregon itself can really only take credit for 102,000 of those. Roughly 35,000 people enrolled in private insurance plans through Cover Oregon. The rest enrolled in government plans through Cover Oregon.

The other 122,000 are people who were already enrolled in government plans that were administered through the Oregon Health Authority, such as Medicaid, before Cover Oregon launched. Those people were rolled over to Cover Oregon.

Goldberg said Cover Oregon doesn’t receive fees any from the state for those plans.