Cow heart in a box baffles house renters

Cow heart in a box baffles house renters »Play Video
Residents of a house on Northwest Flanders found a cow's heart similar to this one in a cardboard box on their doorstep.

PORTLAND, Ore. - It was a bizarre discovery on a doorstep of a Northwest Portland home Wednesday. At first glance it was a cardboard box but inside there was an animal's heart on ice and a cryptic note.

No one has any idea who would have left the cow's heart, and no one is sure if it was a prank or something more serious. It was such a disturbing discovery, however, that one of the roommates at the house on Northwest Flanders didn’t initially answer the door when a KATU News reporter knocked because he was concerned about who would be at his doorstep.

"It was like a cardboard box and then there was a bag in the box and there was actually ice in that and the heart was on ice," said James Lynch whose roommate discovered the package.

Police said the heart was from a cow.

"It's a huge piece of meat," said Lynch. And along with it, a note: "I think it was like, 'My heart is yours forever.'"

Lynch said his roommate discovered the package in the morning.

"They came out at night, walked the dogs – nothing was there at 10 at night – come back at seven in the morning to walk out the dogs and it's there," he said. "So somebody did this (in the) middle of the night."

Now the renters at the house have a mystery of their own.

"I can't even explain it or even know why someone would do that. Kind of bizarre," Lynch said.

Police took the box and the note as evidence. As for the heart, they said it's at the medical examiner's office.

Police are still investigating the case.