Crocus bulb planting at former Occupy parks delayed

Crocus bulb planting at former Occupy parks delayed
Chapman Square in downtown Portland. Photo courtesy of Portland Parks & Recreation.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Two downtown Portland parks that were once the home of Occupy protesters will be getting 20,000 crocus bulbs in the next few weeks.

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) and a team of volunteers were planning to plant the bulbs at Chapman and Lownsdale Squares, just northwest of City Hall, on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

However, due to shipping issues with the bulbs, the work has been delayed until Wednesday, Oct. 24.

PP&R also announced that Wells Fargo has now offered to pay for the crocus bulbs with a donation of $3,000.

It's been a year since Occupy Portland protesters camped out in the parks. They were there for five weeks before police moved in and cleared them out.

Since then, work has been done to restore the parks, which had been damaged. Fences were put up for a while to keep folks out during the restoration process, but have since been taken down and the parks are open to the public.