DJ talks for first time about freak accident at Portland hotel

DJ talks for first time about freak accident at Portland hotel
Jonathan Toubin is seen in this promotional photo by Angela Wieland.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A New York DJ who was injured in Portland when a taxi crashed into his hotel room is now talking publicly about the freak accident.

In a Rolling Stone article, Jonathan Toubin said he regained consciousness on Jan. 8, one month after the accident.

Toubin came to Portland to DJ at a dance club. He was staying at the Jupiter Hotel when a taxi driver had a diabetic emergency and crashed the car into his room and on top of him.

“I woke up a month later,” Toubin told the magazine. “There were some friends and family there, and I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t even know what year it was.”

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Toubin suffered fractures to his skull, pelvis, collarbones, ribs and sternum. He also suffered a punctured liver and crushed lungs.

“I was unlucky to be hit by a cab in my hotel room, but I was lucky to be in a place where they have one of the best trauma teams in the country,” said Toubin. “Oh yeah and those guys were nice enough to flip that car off of me.”

Toubin said doctors assured him that with hard work and patience he’ll be able to return to work in New York City in a few months and hopefully be fully recovered by the end of the year. He said he completely lost his hearing in one ear and partially lost it in the other so he will need to wear a hearing aid.

“My life and body shouldn’t be all that different than it was before – except for the fact that I now have cooler scars than anybody I know.”