Demonstrators disrupt Portland School Board meeting

Demonstrators disrupt Portland School Board meeting »Play Video
Demonstrators held signs and chanted during Monday night's board meeting. (KATU photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland Public School Board had its weekly meeting interrupted by hundreds of people protesting the lack of contract between the district and teachers.

Portland's school board had only two items on the agenda. A crowd gathered outside district headquarters protesting the lack of a contract after months of talks.

Eventually the demonstrators headed inside to confront the board. The group included students, parents and teachers. Part of the demonstration was captured in video posted on YouTube.

Protesters can be heard on the video yelling, “Stand up!!  Fight back!!  Stand up!! Fight back!!” as they walked into Portland School District headquarters.

Security officers moved into the board room. None of the demonstrators was arrested.

The board wrapped up the voting on it’s agenda as demonstrators continued chanting, “We'll strike too! If you do! We'll strike too!”

Most of the board left for a planned executive session as the demonstration continued. Board member Steve Buel stayed behind to listen to the student protesters.

“I wanted to hear what they had to say,” Buel said.

The board is not commenting publicly on the continuing contract negotiations between the district and it's teachers.

The next negotiation session is scheduled for Thursday.