Deputies: Woman, drunk in court, rats out father; both arrested

Deputies: Woman, drunk in court, rats out father; both arrested
Stacy and Daniel Weigart

SALEM, Ore. – A Salem man and his daughter are both under arrest in Marion County after a bizarre series of events unfolded inside the Marion County Courthouse on Friday.

Marion County Sheriff’s deputies said it all started when Stacy Weigart, 36, appeared in court Friday morning to face charges of driving under the influence.

Deputies said her blood alcohol content measured .31 at the time of her arrest.

But when Weigart got to court Friday morning, deputies said court staffers saw that she was “obviously intoxicated” and a judge revoked her release agreement.

Weigart was escorted out of the courtroom and given a breath test, which deputies said registered a BAC of .43.

While being escorted from court, deputies said Stacy Weigart mentioned that her father, Daniel Weigart, had driven her to court and had a past outstanding warrant out for his arrest on charges of driving under the influence.

While walking with Stacy Weigart, the sheriff's office said Deputy Justin Kinyon spotted an older man “clearly watching their movements” from a car in the parking lot.

After Stacy Weigart was placed in jail, Kinyon returned to the parking lot and talked with the man, who was indeed Stacy’s father, Daniel Weigart, 63, of Salem, according to deputies.

A warrant check confirmed he was wanted by Salem Police on DUI charges from 2007. He was arrested and also detained at the Marion County Jail.

The sheriff’s office said Mr. Weigart admitted he had been drinking earlier in the morning, but Deputy Kinyon did not feel he was under the influence and he is not facing any additional charges.

His car was impounded and deputies said his daughter, Stacy, was due back in court Friday afternoon. Deputies did not say if she faces any additional charges.

Drivers are considered over the legal limit if their BAC measures .08 or above. A blood alcohol content above .50 is generally considered life-threatening.