Deputy treated his own bullet wound after Silverton shooting

Deputy treated his own bullet wound after Silverton shooting
Jim Buchholz

SILVERTON, Ore. – An officer who was shot Friday morning while he was pursuing a stolen vehicle treated his own bullet wound as he was waiting for help to arrive, police said.

Police said Marion County Sheriff’s deputy Jim Buchholz , a nine-year veteran, is in the hospital in serious condition.

"I'm very proud of Deputy Buchholz actions in this very dangerous situation,” said Sheriff Jason Myers. “Deputy Buchholz demonstrated quick thinking and heroic actions which saved his life and the lives of other responding law enforcement officers."

Friday morning at around 9, Silverton police began chasing the stolen vehicle, calling for help from the sheriff’s office before eventually calling off the chase.

The car was found, and deputies were processing it when people nearby said they’d seen a man who had possibly been in the car, and that he was carrying several guns.

After a long search, Bucholz found the man near a Christmas tree farm and tried to arrest him.

When he did so, gunfire was exchanged and Buchholz was shot.

He retreated, took out a medical kit and treated his own wound.

More police came to the scene, and more shots were fired. The suspect was shot and taken into custody.

Police haven’t yet identified the suspect.