Distraught mom gets Christmas help from Portland police officers

Distraught mom gets Christmas help from Portland police officers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- You could hear the joyous sound of laughter inside the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct Monday evening.

Officers Rob Jackson and George Weseman were in good spirits. They weren’t happy because they caught a criminal. They caught the holiday spirit.

It started after a call around 10:15 a.m. Monday. “When we got back in the car,” said officer Weseman. "We looked at each other and said 'Let's do a Christmas mission.'”

Officer Jackson adds, “It made us feel good, but the main thing was to give the kids a good Christmas."

There wasn't much joy earlier in the day when these officers were called to a possible case of domestic violence. They didn't find a crime. Instead they found a distraught mother crying.

“She was teary and she explained that she was upset because she didn't have any money for her kids," Officer Weseman said. "And she couldn't provide any for them. And couldn't even get a Christmas tree.”

The officers left and picked up food from the Portland Police Sunshine Division.

But they still needed toys for the woman’s children. The Sunshine Division suggested the officers check at the Portland Fire Bureau’s Toy and Joy Makers program. Volunteers there helped the officers pull toys from the shelves. They filled shopping carts with gifts for the woman's young children, and found a gift for the woman too.

“By the time we were done,” said officer Jackson, “our car, our trunk, our back seat was full. Completely full.”

Officer Weseman explained they had one more job. “After we left there, we went and got the tree and he didn't believe that I could stuff it back in there. And I did, so he owes me.”

The officers are simply glad their one act of kindness turned a morning's despair for one mom, into tears of joy.

"This is really what makes a good day for us," said Officer Jackson. "A lot of times we don't have good days and this is one where we can go home feeling pretty good about doing something to help somebody out who really needed it."