Donor drops $1,600 gold coin in Salvation Army kettle

Donor drops $1,600 gold coin in Salvation Army kettle

PORTLAND, Ore. – Most people might reach for a handful of loose change or maybe a dollar bill when they pass the Salvation Army’s red kettles and bell-ringers this time of year.

On Friday in Portland, one anonymous donor dug a little deeper.

Somebody dropped a South African Krugerrand in one of the kettles. The Krugerrand is a gold coin that is valued at more than $1,600.

“There are so many people in need right now and in this economy The Salvation Army has been struggling to meet the growing needs in our community,” said Lt. Ray Dihle with the Salvation Army. “The gift is truly a blessing to us and to the families who will now be able to celebrate Christmas.”

We don’t know who dropped off the gold coin, but the Salvation Army did say it was donated at the red kettle outside the Downtown Portland Macy’s store.

Each Krugerrand has one ounce of gold in it. The coins are a popular way to invest in gold, according to several online gold dealers.