From hero to jail time, DUII driver was once honored by mayor

From hero to jail time, DUII driver was once honored by mayor

WILSONVILLE, Ore. - A man who crashed into a home on Saturday and is now facing DUII charges was once a hero who even received a certification of appreciation from the mayor of Wilsonville.

Nicholas Butler, 40, was booked into the county jail on Saturday after resisting arrest and receiving treatment for a laceration he ended up with during a struggle with three deputies.

Four people were sleeping in their home in the 8800 block of Southwest Kalyca Street in Wilsonville when a truck crashed into the house and the driver tried to flee the scene in the vehicle.

Deputies found the pickup in a driveway eight houses away. Police say Butler fought with deputies during his arrest, although some neighbors dispute that.

"When my parents came and talked to him and confronted him, he said he'll fix it and don't get him in trouble and don't call the cops," said Joevanny Garcia, who lives at the home. "But I was already calling the cops when he was saying that."

Butler has been charged with resisting arrest, assaulting a public safety officer, failing to perform the duties of a driver and driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Back in March of this year, Butler had a much better encounter with police when he helped officers chase down and capture a bank robber.

The Garcias said they feel bad for Butler's situation but are also glad that there was a fence and some shrubs to slow down the truck, otherwise the crash would have been a lot worse.