Drivers face high water after downpours in Tigard

Drivers face high water after downpours in Tigard

TIGARD, Ore. - Heavy evening downpours turned a section of Dartmouth St. just north of Highway 99W from a dry street to a deep and dangerous stream on Friday.

For every car that stopped and turned around to avoid the high water, another tried to make it through.

Some managed to plow their way to the other side. Several didn't make it.

Griffin Kibsch was one of them.

Kibsch had to push his stalled car out of the water up to higher ground, hoping it would start again.
“I did not think it was that deep,” Kibsch said. “Tried to take this through it. Nope. Just died right there.”

The water came pouring down right where Shirley Iford had to get to the grocery store ... on foot.

She thought she'd caught a break in the weather.

“Well, I've been waiting all day to get out to the store,” Iford said. “And now I see it's a little, a little flooded out here.”

Police eventually shut down one side of the road where the water was deep enough to leave some cars stranded.

Griffin Kibsch was pretty sure his flooded car would be OK ... eventually.

“I think it will be fine, but I've just got to let her dry for a little bit,” Kibsch said.

Kibsch is positive he’s had enough of the Northwest’s unpredictable spring weather.

“I don't like Oregon,” said Kibsch. “Like last week it was like sunny and now this for one week.”