Evergreen HS students face missing trip to nation's capital

Evergreen HS students face missing trip to nation's capital »Play Video

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Evergreen High School's 20-member Constitution and Government Team is good.

Good enough to be one of the top teams in Washington state.

Good enough to win a wall full of awards during the past few years.

Now it’s good enough to earn a spot to compete this weekend at the “We The People” constitution and government National Finals in Washington, D.C.

The team held fundraiser after fundraiser after fundraiser. They thought they'd raised $40,000 to pay for the trip.

Tuesday morning, they got some very bad news.

“We were counting on a couple of pledges that we thought were coming,” said Patti McMaster, the team’s teacher. “And as of this morning, we're told that that wasn't going to happen. That is was a slow month, and what they had pledged they could no longer pledge.”

That left the team $15,000 short, and with the deadline to pay for their trip less than two days away.

The National Finals are a unique competition. Some of it is held inside congressional hearing rooms.

It's also a chance for teens to see and tour the nation's capital.

McMaster says no team outside of Seattle has even had the chance to go to the finals in the past 27 years.

Now that won't happen unless someone comes forward by 1 p.m. Thursday to at least loan the team enough money to make the trip.

“We're willing to do almost anything at this point,” McMasters says, “to make sure that they get to go.”

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