Everyday Heroes: Mother on a mission

Everyday Heroes: Mother on a mission

Andrea O’Connor is a mother on a mission.

Last July, her son Scotty died in a skateboarding accident. He wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time.

Now, Andrea runs the Scotty Foundation in his memory. The foundation has two goals – hand out helmets and help foster children, which was another one of Scotty’s passions.

Andrea and her family have coordinated a toy drive for foster children for the past eight years. After Scotty died, Andrea renamed the foundation that runs to drive to “Scotty,” which stands for “Sponsoring Children of Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday.”

Through the generosity of the community, Andrea and the volunteers of the Scotty Foundation work to provide Christmas gifts to foster children and helmets to kids in the community. Each year the foundation helps out more than 500 children in need.

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