Eviction Notice: 'I will not leave this house,' grandmother vows

Eviction Notice: 'I will not leave this house,' grandmother vows »Play Video
Surrounded by her supporters on her front porch Friday, 79-year-old Annette Steele, right, vows not to be evicted from her home even if sheriff's deputies arrive to make her leave.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A family in Northeast Portland vows to fight any attempt to evict them from their home, and the matriarch of the bunch, a 79-year-old grandmother, is inspiring neighbors to pledge their support.

The house is on Northeast 14th Avenue, and the family could be evicted as early as midnight Friday. But according to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, it is not familiar with the property, which means it is unlikely deputies will try to evict the family this weekend.

Annette Steele, 79, and her two relatives living with her at her home in the 4,000 block of Northeast 14th Avenue say they are not going to leave without a fight and will be ready.

Neighbors have agreed to be on call and to run over to help try to block an eviction if the sheriff's deputies show up.

The family says lenders took advantage of Steele, signing her up for loans she may not have fully grasped, and then moving to foreclose.

She has not made a payment in the past three years, but after 26 years living in the home, Steele thinks she paid off what she owed and should own the house outright.

And she's not willing to move out.

"And I will not leave this house," she told her supporters from her porch Friday afternoon. "I will stay here. And if the law come, I'm ready. I'm ready. I don't have a weapon, but the one I use is hot water. And I keep it ready."

Steele says she was inspired to stay in her home by the way the community came together around Alicia Jackson in May. A group of protesters helped Jackson re-enter the Northeast Portland home she lost in foreclosure. Now nearly three months later, she's still living there, though the water remains off.

She was outside Steele's house Friday, and like Steele, Jackson said she is not sure how her situation is going to be resolved. Both women are just taking it day by day.