Family raising money for Vancouver man in mysterious coma

Family raising money for Vancouver man in mysterious coma

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Luke Ashe stopped drinking, hired a personal trainer and lost more than 120 pounds last year.

But just when he turned his life around with a healthier lifestyle, the 27-year-old Vancouver man slipped into a mysterious coma. His grandmother found him unresponsive in his bedroom last month.

Doctors said several strokes damaged his brain, but they can’t figure out what caused them.

“The doctors are perplexed and they don’t know,” said Myrna Ashe, Luke's grandmother. “They tell us he had a major stroke that affected both parts of his brain, that his heart stopped at one point and they don’t know for how long.”

Insurance is covering part of Luke’s medical costs, but his family has no way of knowing how long he’ll be in a coma or how much care he’ll need if he wakes up.

“In the very beginning they said Luke will wake up, so we cling to that,” Myrna Ashe said.

His family said he’s shown signs of improvement, but they’ve been inconsistent.

“It’s the little things that he does. Someone might say squeeze my hand, and maybe he might squeeze their hand, but then tomorrow he wouldn’t have that recognition,” said Ashe.

His mother is at his bedside every day waiting for him to wake up.

“I know so many prayers have been said on his behalf,” said Ashe. “And I know that will be what will bring him around. Of course, the hardest part is wanting it to happen now.”

Sunday, Luke’s family is hosting a silent auction to help pay for his medical care. It will be at the Buffalo Wild Wings, located at 7704 NE 5th Avenue in Hazel Dell, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.