Family spots suspects driving stolen SUV hours after theft

Family spots suspects driving stolen SUV hours after theft

ALOHA, Ore. – Deputies arrested two people who they said stole an SUV from an Aloha family’s driveway and were spotted hours later driving in the neighborhood by family members who were out walking their dog.

The Pulliam family reported their stolen Mercedes SUV just before 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

Family members took their dog for a walk around the neighborhood at around 10:30 a.m., when they spotted two people driving their SUV just a few blocks from their house.

“Didn’t expect to see it again at all,” said Joe Pulliam. “And hours later we’re out for a walk, just a couple of blocks from the house, and the car drove past us.”

The Pulliams chased after their car while they called the sheriff’s office.

Washington County sheriff’s deputies found 20-year-old James Holt, who they said was the driver of the stolen Mercedes. Deputies said Holt had several items from the SUV.

“They stole some pretty crazy things,” Pulliam said. “Chapstick, makeup, a dog bed and an old tooth brush.”

Investigators believe Holt may be responsible for breaking into more vehicles in the area and stealing property.

Deputies said they found the passenger, 32-year-old Ramona Culton-Corella, at a nearby hotel.

Both Holt and Culton-Corella were arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail.

Pulliam admitted that they left the SUV unlocked overnight, but said they learned their lesson.