Family to thief: Keep the cash, but just give us our dog back

Family to thief: Keep the cash, but just give us our dog back

GRESHAM, Ore. – A heartbroken family has one thing to say to a burglar who ransacked their house: keep the cash, but give us back our dog, a 2-year-old chihuahua.

The Farfan family is having a hard time understanding why someone would steal their dog. It not only doesn't make sense to them, it seems cruel that a burglar would steal cash, video games, a laptop and a watch, and then top it off, steal the family dog.

"He had this funny walk when he was really happy," said Alejandro Farfan.

The family always knew Ronnie the chihuahua was worth more than a television or a video game console, and now that he's gone, it's clear he's the only missing item that matters.

"We treated him like a brother. He was family," Alejandro said.

The muddy shoe marks on the front door showed where the burglar tried to break through the door. That failed, but the back sliding glass door didn’t hold when it was smashed with a padlock.

"He (the dog) was probably here barking the whole time while the guy was trying to get in," said Fabricio Farfan.

Fabricio Farfan is putting his faith in fliers, hoping somebody spots Ronnie's colorful face and the unique mark on his back.

"He has a black hairless spot on his lower back that kind of resembles an eight," Fabricio said.

The Farfans are convinced Ronnie wouldn't run away, especially with his back legs injured before the burglary.

"He was limping every time he walked anywhere," Fabricio said.

It's just another reason they say the burglar was ridiculous and heartless in taking Ronnie, and leaving valuable electronics behind.

"I don't really care about that. I'd rather have him steal my X-Box or my TV than my dog. Those are all material stuff – Ronnie's a friend,” Fabricio said.

In addition to posting fliers, the family is checking websites in case someone tries to sell Ronnie online.

They'd love it if the burglar just left Ronnie at their door. But until that happens, they're hoping you'll call Gresham police if you spot Ronnie running loose or up for sale.